About Me

Heyo, sweet pea!

I’m Aly. This blog is basically my collected pursuit of life-getting. I like to think it’s a bare necessity in life to be weird. To walk with your idiocracies. To stand on the edge of peculiar. To hop along the bridge of normal and unexplainable. Whatever makes you weird is like your God-crafted asset. It’s the little-big something neat that makes you YOU. Life’s too too too short to care as much as we do.

I love writing about things, but about me-s are a new thing. So here’s twenty-eight things loved like crazy by the fruitcake from whom you are reading:

  1. nature photography
  2. calligraphy and watercolor paintings
  3. lemon macaroons (*cough* lemon anything)
  4. ginger candy and cookies and tea
  5. moss-covered rocks (they’re pretty and make you think)
  6. imperfect smiles and smirks and ROFLs
  7. miserably failed jokes
  8. a real mug of good ole chai tea
  9. dark chocolate everything (unless it’s processed with alkali…then ew. no. sorry.)
  10. food…real good food
  11. Christina Perri
  12. song lyric reading
  13. watching The Dark Knight in broad daylight…because Heath Ledger and just this story
  14. thoughts that make you happy-sad-confused all at once
  15. other people’s eyes and genuinely good feelings
  16. scars and long-ish short stories
  17. chacos and weird-looking tan line Zs
  18. over-worn shorts and meaningful tees
  19. insanely funny snippets of serious idiocracy
  20. my bridge radio and pretending you know how to sing
  21. rock-climbing when no one’s looking
  22. star-gazing and wishing you knew more about constellations and pft…astronomy
  23. praying on a shooting star even though you know God’s just laughing
  24. smelling grass with your dog and reminding yourself: dude, you’re so totally crazy
  25. classical music…even if you can’t pronounce every composer’s bone-chilling melody (let alone name)
  26. flying and the secret wish (okay, slight fear) that your plane will crash…but you live to tell that story
  27. looking up at the sun and taking in an extra dose of vitamin c
  28. talking with God and realizing this life is incomprehensible…and wow just amazing